Apple used to be the best innovation company of the year. Before falling from No.1

Revealed the top 50 companies, the best innovations of the year 2019 Apple dropped from No. 1 to No. 17 because the iPhone XS is not outstanding enough.

Announced the top 50 companies in the innovation of the year 2019, which last year Apple has been ranked as the # 1 top innovation company before. From the launch of the iPhone X and AirPods, but in recent years, Apple has not yet reached the # 1 position and has fallen to the 17th position.

The reason for Apple to fall to the 17th is due to the launch of the iPhone XS that is not quite outstanding. But what makes Apple still able to stick in the Top 50 is the Bionic A12 chip that outperforms other brands’ chips.

The company that received the 1st place in this year was Meituan Dianping, followed by Grab, both of which are companies that provide services such as booking vehicles, booking movie tickets, or transactions with hundreds of millions of people in Asia.

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